Philosophy of INCARNATION. Part #2. OBJECTIFICATION procedure. TV set and its «Self»

Once I had a dream containing the information of the OBJECTIFICATION procedure.  I made good use of the knowledge received. Little by little, I will try to deliver this information to my readers in the form I received it. I hope that not only radio engineers would be interested in this article…

“There was a working television (a modern TV set) in my dream. I don’t remember what kind of a telecast was shown on it but stream of consciousness (a process of information systematizing) went on rather quickly…


I immediately realized that a nonmaterial object under the conventional “television program” name OBJECTIFIED into a material object (a complex of different materials parts under the conventional “TV” name). This process was very “tricky” one. The “TV program” object could multiply, in other words, it could OBJECTIFY in a huge number of “TV sets” (could copy many times without decreasing in “size”). Besides, it also remained in a working “TV tower” as a “television program” recording on a modern carrier of information.

I also understood that practically every viewer can get in touch with a “TV tower” and receive identical copy of a “TV program” that was already “objectified” in the “TV sets” before. If a viewer has “good friends” in the “right places” (TV towers), he will be able to gain access even to the “TV programs” being not “objectified” in “televisions” before that.

The most interesting thing is that different TV programs could be SIMULTANEOUSLY OBJECTIFIED in different TV sets. …

Different TV programs could also implement in one and the same TV… But only in sequence…

Besides, the “TV” was of material nature just as “TV programme” was nonmaterial object.

The “recollections” about Karlsson, a cartoon character, immediately “jumped” to my mind. I remembered the episode where he contemplated about “a man who get into such a small TV” and spoke with his “talking head” …




Then I saw a “radio set” of the Motorola company on a table. It was put on. Some man came closer to me, introducing himself as “uncle Vania”. He pointed at the radio set and said: “I know that recently Vasya Pupkin embodied in this equipment”.

I answered: “ That can’t be true.”

He replied: “Make use of this equipment, if you do not believe me. And you will immediately change your mind.”

I began to ask a piece of material under the conventional “radio set” name the questions like: “Who are you?” “What is 3+5?” “What is the capital of the USA?” “What is a Sun?” “What is a distance between the Earth and its Moon satellite?”  And so on …

I put any questions I want and this metalware replied me…and replied correctly…  I realized that someone embodied in the radio station of the Motorola company. I am speaking with this smart “flesh and blood” who is on par with me in terms of intelligence. Sure enough, it cannot be a piece of metalware with a complex of other real elements called a “radio station”. There is no denying that someone embodied in it….

And at that moment I realized everything. I understood the purpose of my dream and how to interpret it properly. I also understood what a message was hidden in my dream …”

I woke up and immediately designed a chart under the conventional “TV program objectification in a TV set body” name.


  1. Firstly, developers (creators) of a TV program offer an idea and only then develop TV programs in the broadcasting studios;
  2. There are all created TV programs in the archive of a broadcasting studio;
  3. Not all created TV programs “air” (broadcast over a distance), but that chosen by the viewers. As a rule, TV program developers (creators) or broadcasting studio directory are responsible for TV programs airing;
  4. The created in a broadcasting studio programs “air” (broadcast over a distance) not when they are accomplished, but when the supervisors will allow it.  As a rule, TV program developers (creators) or TV studio directory are responsible for program airing;
  5. A TV tower uses a lot of channels for program airing (broadcasting over a distance), each of them broadcasts it on so-called “carrier frequency”; it is called carrier because of its ability to “carry” a useful signal, i.e. a TV program; lots of channels use a great variety of “carrier frequencies” “carrying” a lot of TV programs;
  6. All the channels of a TV tower simultaneously broadcast over a distance a lot of developed TV programs;
  7. A TV tower broadcasts every TV program on a previously intended channel. Moreover, simultaneously broadcasted TV programs do not blockade each other;
  8. Lots of TV sets broadcast only on one frequency “carrying” one of available antennas. This frequency “carries” one certain TV program the viewer is interested in; a TV user or a viewer choses one frequency among the others by a channel-surf, i.e. by changing a tuned frequency of the input acceptor;
  9. The process of program objectification in a TV set  body began when choosing a channel; step by step the receiving by TV tower broadcasting is “puzzled out” and processed in a such way that a user (viewer) of a TV set can perceive (“see”, “hear”) a TV program on his TV screen.

It should be mentioned that the objectification term in this case means not a mere moving of one flesh into another, but a rather complicated interaction of one nonmaterial object (broadcasted by a TV tower program) with another material one (a TV set).  This interaction is based on algorithms and cooperation principles that were previously developed by creators of these devices.

Let’s reflect on it.

Who needs a TV without function of TV programs displaying? Of course, nobody needs it.

What is such a TV? The answer is quite simple – it is nothing more than a heap of materials. …  It can be affirmed that a nonworking TV is a kind of a “dead” TV … it doesn’t respond to its 220V network attachment, to channel-surf, to changing of a sound level, etc.

What are the necessary steps for a TV “coming to life”? Yes, it is necessary to do something for its program objectification.

“The Self” of a TV set is this objectified TV program. A “material heap” becomes a “TV set” after “the Self” (TV program) objectification. The “TV set” becomes a mere material heap without process of the “TV program” objectification.

If a TV works well, it means that “Self”, i.e. a TV program is always inside it.!

If a TV breakdowns for any reason, it means that its “Self” automatically leaves it, i.e. a TV program user-viewer watches (hears), leaves a TV!

When a TV doesn’t function properly (if it spoils, breakdowns, fuses or falls down), its “Self” (a TV program) will not disappear, it remains in the TV studio archive to the last bite!!!  The “Self” (the TV program) remains in the memory of all its viewers who really took a point of it.

Some representatives of a modern science claimed that they succeed in considering a “Self” state in the moment of its “death” … The author doesn’t believe it. It is impossible in the terms of a modern technological development. Do not believe it? Let’s try to analyze a broken TV program … and I eat my words …


The author chose such style of information presenting for the readers to better understand ideas containing in this article. That is why there are some inaccuracies in using the radio-technical terms in this article. In advance, I ask for pardon avid radio engineers. Please do not follow the letters, follow the Thought!

© 2017, Helen Zhoglo, translation into English

To be continued… —> Philosophy of INCARNATION. Part #3. INSTALLATION procedure. Computer system and its “Self”

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