Philosophy of INCARNATION. Part #3. INSTALLATION procedure. Computer system and its “Self”

Over the past 100-150 years a number of modern technologies has exceeded their total number in contrast with the earlier human developments throughout the history…

Radio- and TV set, wire and wireless communication, underwater and air means of transport, space vehicles …

The widespread use of computers boosts the modern technologies development. It is already impossible to communicate remotely, to create movies, to print books, to use many equipment and devices without using a PC.

What happens next?

What turn will the modern humanity development take? What importance will be computer systems and artificial intelligence in the sphere of new technologies development of? Where is “Self” of computer systems and what is it?

This article is dedicated exactly to this subject.

Everything described by the author below will expect the humanity in the next 20-30 years … And this computer technologies miracle will be called “The Unified Computer System for the Earth.”

Some of the system units have already began to develop and popularly are called in a simple and non-intrusive way “THE CLOUD STORAGE“.



Today every PC or smartphone user keeps practically all his information “in the cloud”. PC users think that this “cloud” looks like this:


From a customer’s point of view, the so-called “cloud” is one very large virtual server. But in fact, PC users see neither a number of “cloud storages”, nor any inner structure of them. Physically, “cloud” servers can be located geographically remote from each other anywhere in the world.

Many users do not even know what do the terms “cloud” or “cloud data storage” mean, where is exactly this information, what is the principle of this information recording and readout, as well as the direction of this information from its multimedia device to the” Cloud “and vice versa. Nobody knows the answer to all these questions now. The reasons for it are not a bad schooling or a bad study at the institute, but:

  • Today the number of data recording and data reading principles is huge. These are HDD disks, SDD disks, CD & DVD disks, etc. I specifically used abbreviations that are known to readers. But technologies are in rapid evolution… More advanced technologies are already used in the “cloud”…;
  • The number of “cloud storages” is growing every day, and the storage location of information is determined by algorithms of the “cloud” functioning, and not by the user wishes. User data can be duplicated to different data centers, to different servers, to different media … The purpose of it is to facilitate user’s access to information and to exclude the possibility of losing the data;
  • Let’s try to answer the question like “How does a signal pass from the user’s computer (smartphone) to the web site and back?”. This question cannot be answered on principle … Firstly, a signal can pass through the “twisted pair” cable inside your apartment, then through the optic fiber to the internet provider in your location, then through the underground backbone fiber cable, then through the satellite channel or the transoceanic cable and so on. But you are not interested in it. The only important thing for user is to get answer to his search query. This is reality. And after all, if there is a slightest damage of almost any element of this path, a signal will automatically pass through another workable at this time route. This network was originally created to ensure unbroken connection between military infrastructure facilities in the period of nuclear war…

Do you still believe that you know what the “cloud” or “cloud data storage” is and what is the working principle of your device with it?

But only one of many “cloud” components of the Facebook already looks like this:






The cloud datacenters are starting to be built beyond the Arctic Circle to save on a server cooling.

The cloud datacenters are beginning to use geothermal, solar, wind, tidal energy to save on their servers’ energy supply.

And all these things are created at all not for user’s possibility to “flood on blogs” or other things…

Everything is much more serious.

The development of the global computer system is in full swing …





  • The unified cloud data storage;
  • The unified computer network of data transmission;
  • The unified operating system for downloading in target users’ devices;
  • Various end devices people use in their activities.


The basic prerequisites for a system creation are:

  • 100% of the planet Earth surface should be covered by a free high-speed multifrequency access to the “Unified Computer Data Network”. Currently, this network is provisionally referred to as the “Internet”;
  • 100% of end users’ devices must be unified in the computer modules elements;
  • 100% of operating systems must be unified for end-user devices;
  • 100% of the data processing by end users’ devices are connected to the “Unified Computer Network” and should be stored in the “Unified Cloud Data Storage”;
  • In the “Unified Cloud Data Storage” user has possibility to store “unlimited” amounts of his data. This amount can be many times bigger than all information the modern mankind obtained;
  • Every human being automatically receives his own data storage in this system since his first days. It dynamically changes when filling up and provides you with information storage opportunity of any target devices types.

The state of technology development shows that the basic prerequisites that are necessary for creation of the global computer system for the Earth will be realized by the mankind approximately within the next 15 years. The unification of both end devices and their operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Apple iOS, Google Android, Linux …) is in full swing. The NSA (USA) has already set a time limit of all the data processed – “unlimited”. People often compare the word “unlimited” with “forever”. The free “cloud data storage device” has already exceed the demand. On the Earth’s orbit, there is satellites deployment the main task of which is 100% Earth planet coverage by the Internet access.


The basic principles of devices functioning at the first stage of their deployment:

  • The manufacturing enterprises produce all devices having access to the unified computer network from the known to us details and components, i.e. from the elements of the Mendeleev periodic system;
  • The end devices are already connected to their power unit at the manufacturing enterprise, they are a single unit and users cannot turn them off in future. The power unit provides end device with continuous operation for a time exceeding a life cycle of the user;
  • When connecting user’s end device to a power module at the factory for the first time:
    • The device is automatically connected to the “Unified Computer Data Network” and user cannot disconnect it in future;
    • The IMPLEMENTATION process begins – an automatic loading of the operating system from the “Unified Cloud Data Storage for the Earth” and its installation;
    • The operating system upgrade is installed in each type of end devices having access to the “Unified Computer System for the Earth”; all operating systems are stored in the “Unified Cloud Data Storage”; “The Unified Operating System” will be created due to development of the “Global Computer System” for all varieties of the users’ end devices; specific modules will be installed on certain devices;
  • After receiving (purchasing) any device, user must activate it with the first power-up, otherwise, a further use of this device is impossible. The end device activation by the user means:
    • The user entry of his biometric data (imprint of DNA, but at first a fingerprint or retina of the user’s eyes);
    • Obtaining of the user rights without any interfering with device operation;
    • Automatic connection of the end device to the dedicated site of the “Unified Cloud Data Storage for the Earth” in order to store all information that will be processed on all its end devices throughout its life cycle; there is an automatically allocated site for each user in the “cloud”, but within the general user area;
    • The full operation of this device in accordance with the instructions attached;
    • The out of work devices are beyond repair, but are exclusively recyclable and replaceable. Information about the end device failure automatically comes through the “cloud storage” to the manufacturing enterprise that quickly delivers a new device to the user in return for the old one;


  • There is such information in the “cloud data storage” of device:
    • User-processed data (content) for the moment;
    • Data on device movement;
    • Data on working conditions of device;
    • Parameters of the installed operating system;
    • Data on working condition of the installed operating system;
    • Information about device failure;
    • User preferences to developers of the target device;
    • User wishes to developers of the operating system; …


The basic administration principles of the system being created:

  • The maintenance of the “Unified Computer System for the Earth” in a working condition is entrusted to its administrators;
  • The duties of system administrators include:
    • The accounting of all devices used in the system;
    • The loading control of the operating systems in each device and the OS fine-tune, if necessary;
    • The control of user identification;
    • The system control of providing each user with dedicated space in the “cloud data storage”;
    • The maintenance of each device during its working period;
    • The monitoring of users change on the device;
    • The control of device decommissioning, if necessary;
    • The technical support for users;
    • The blocking of any users’ actions that can violate algorithm of the system activity;


The basic principles of the system development are:

  • The maintenance of the computer system development is entrusted to its developers (creators);
  • The duties of developers (creators) are:
    • Creation and constant improvement of system activity algorithms;
    • Creation of technical specifications for devices development and their provision to manufacturing enterprises;
    • Processing of data storing in the “cloud data storage ” for the system development;
    • Decision for reasonability of the further device improvement or for its release stop;
    • Decision for the new devices release that are based on the new physical or philosophical principles;


This system provides user with such possibilities:

  • The use of the quantum transmitting lines excludes technological ability to change transmitted data;
  • The use of the quantum computers protects information in the “cloud storage” from modification and reading by other users, etc.;
  • Technological impossibility of devices theft;
  • Possibility to vote on any planetary issues for a limited time and automatic votes count;


The brief description of basic principles for the further system development

All variety of end devices having access to the “Unified Global Computer System” is gradually being developed on the basis of so-called “programmed element” with the use of special programming languages. Foundation is already laid – it’s CRISPR / Cas9. The genome editing technology, known as CRISPR / Cas9, was developed in 2013, and just in a couple of years it revolutionized in the sphere of genetic engineering. The method is based on the molecular defense mechanism of bacteria; it makes possible to eliminate and to change DNA elements of any organisms right in the living cells with a high accuracy.

From this moment, the computer modules that are elements of any end devices begin to develop independently, i.e. begin to change, constantly adjusting to the outside environment changes and to their usage conditions. The operating system stores all the computer modules modifications in the cloud, so it will be taken into account when creating the next technical services for the computer modules creation.

In the future, ” the operating system – the program” will be replaced by the “operating system – artificial intelligence”, which, like computer modules, will freely modify but under the control of its developers (creators).

There will be a great variety of end devices content. Flavor, olfaction, etc. are added to the content types existed (text, graphic, audio and video information). It allows to use and to examine all the receptors of a human body.

It will be possible to express taste of the food, smell of perfume, emotional state, different sensations through the networks …

Virtual Worlds will replace real Worlds for many people …



Operating system installation will be a kind of IMPLEMENTATION procedure, that is so much spoken, but a little believed. I would like to draw the readers’ attention to the fact that the IMPLEMENTATION procedure will be automatic one, on the basis of the previously created by Developers (Creators) “Unified Computer System for the Earth” algorithms. Obviously, you will need the help of a computer system administrator in system installation and setting.

That is, ” a Self” of any device is its operating system that user will utilize.

But user does not see the operating system itself, he can only become aware of its setup (installation) in the device. How can you perceive it? It’s very simple – in the form of device “functionality” “a user interface” will be used for. The interface will also be provided by the operating system …


 “The Self” of device is the operating system a certain author (creator) developed. It is intended for setup (installation) in device.


The device user perceives its “Self” only in the form of available “functionality” and when using it for “User Interface” that the device operating system created for him.

More general conclusions look like this:

Object “Self” is the operating system a certain Author (Creator) developed. It is intended for setup (installation) in the object.

The object user perceives its “Self” only in the form of available “functionality” and when using it for “User Interface” that the object operating system created for him.


The interpretation of terms using in this article:

AUTHOR (CREATOR) is a person creates (develops) an object.

DEVICE is the created by people object for their needs satisfaction (instrument, mechanism, construction, equipment), it is initially intended for certain functions fulfilling, (PC, mobile telephone, TV set, radio set, refrigerator, air conditioner, cook stove, automobile …).

LIFE CYCLE is a time period from a person decision to create object and to the moment of its complete retirement.

OPERATING SYSTEM (ОS) is a complex of interrelated programs for control of computer resources and interaction with a user.

COMPUTERIZED is a characteristic of device having computer (calculator) and fulfilling precise sequence of operations (programs).

PROGRAM is a sequence of instructions defining the procedure for solving a particular task by a computerized device.

CLOUD COMPUTING is the information technology concept that implies the provision of ubiquitous and convenient network access on demand to a common pool of configurable computing resources.

CLOUD DATA STORAGE OR CLOUD is the online data storage that is distributed on numerous network servers’ customers can make use of.

 CLOUD MEDIA is the file STORAGE of computer devices human beings use on the Earth planet. The synonym for it is “cloud data storage”.

ACCESS RIGHT is the set of actions (readout, recording, executing …) allowing for users.

USER is a person using device for his needs satisfaction.

USER ACCOUNT is a collection of user data that allows administrators to identify and to provide him with access to some information.

USER INTERFACE is a set of tools and methods helping user to work with a device.

© 2017, Helen Zhoglo, translation into English


To be continued… —> Philosophy of INCARNATION. Part #4. INCARNATION procedure. Introduction to “our” “Selves”

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