A fresh approach on the issue of hallucinations and appearance of hallucinosis

HALLUCINATION (from new Latin hallucinatio, Latin. alucinatio — ravings, dreams) is a virtual image, which has no analogy in the World of a human being BODY. It appears in consciousness of the human being PERSONALITY for whatever reason.

The modern scientists defined the reasons of hallucinations appearance, (Jean-Étienne Dominique Esquirol was the first who introduced this term in 1817) including exhaustion, excessive drinking, consumption of some psychoactive substances and if having some mental and neurological diseases.

But that is not quite the case. The reasons for hallucinations appearance are numerous, some of them I described below for the first time.

HALLUCINOSIS or HALLUCINATORY SYNDROME is a process when one has an abundant welling of hallucinations.

For instance:

  • Acute hallucinosis is a complex of unexpected time-limited hallucinations. The duration, as a rule, lasts from 1 minute to 2-4 weeks. The main reasons of its appearance are exhaustion, short-time consumption of alcohol and soft drugs, short-time breathing-in of nicotine (smoking) or other vaporizations of different chemical substances, also strong impressions you gain when enjoying any art objects, reading books, watching films or performances, listening to music, etc.
  • Chronic hallucinosis represents hallucinations of a long continuance. The duration can last up to several years. The reason of its appearance is stronger than during acute hallucinosis impressions you gain from a constant (addictive):
    • abuse of hard drugs (“drug dependency”), constant and abundant alcohol consumption (“alcohol dependence”, “blue devils”);
    • medications or other substances taking (nonnarcotic ones) and breathing-in of   vaporization from household and industrial chemicals (“toxicomania”);
    • blind and unconditional adherence to principles, especially in religious, national and political fields; excessive devotedness to any ideas, beliefs or views, usually combined with fanatic bigotry to other people`s views and beliefs (“fanaticism”);
    • music listening (“melomania”);
    • watching a variety of different films or performances;
    • computer games (“game addiction”, “ludomania”, “compulsive gambling”);
    • overnutrition that leads to overweight;
    • overwhelming desire to buy something with no need for, just for the hell of it (“oniomania”, “shopping addiction”);
    • reading books (articles) of different content;
    • etc.

But for some reason it is believed that a constant alcohol drinking is very harmful, and to be a fanatic isn`t so harmful, actually. But take a closer look at people on the street and it turns out to be that they suffer from an acute hallucinosis because of a short-time consumption of alcohol on birthdays and holidays, while the representatives of various religious sects who often represent a rabid fanaticism, suffer from a chronic hallucinosis. It should be noted that in the first case people don`t require any treatment, and in the second case, a treatment is already useless.

The humankind comes down to such level of development when scientists are paid much more less than artists who play the role of them in the films or theatres and less than people at the broadcasting end. This is a new disease under the conventional “virtual chronic hallucinosis” name…

That’s why I’ll do my best to answer two simple questions:

Question №1: Why it`s considered that drugs, alcohol and various other chemicals consumption is much more dangerous for people health than reading tendency articles in the newspapers and magazines, than watching horror movies, listening to inharmonious melodies, etc.?

The answer is quite obvious. Drugs and alcohol can destroy the BODY of a human being and this is noticeable to most people. And articles in media, horror films, appearance of fanaticism, etc. can influence the PERSONALITIES of human beings, that’s why their impact on many observers are practically unnoticeable.

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The modern fairy tales about the creation of search engines with a 100% relevance of search results

Developers of the largest Internet search engines have joined the quest for ‘relevance of search results’, which is the main parameter for modern researchers to evaluate the quality of their work.

Relevance (from Latin relevo — to pick up, to ease) in terms of information search is a semantic compatibility of a search query with a document received. In the broadest sense, ‘adequacy’ is one of the most appropriate synonym for ‘relevance’, that is, an evaluation not only of the compatibility, but also of the result practicality.

Let`s look at this situation from another “point of view”, analyzing the work of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky “A contingent truth” , which was written in 1932, where he wrote:

 “There is no real (absolute) truth, because real truth must base on a full understanding of space. But there is no full understanding now and such will never be reached. The science is on the upswing, scientists are constantly rejecting or asserting something old and discovering some new information. The science changes every decade. Decades don`t deny information but change it or its content by deleting something old or adding something new. Such processes are endless, because the development of centuries and the brain building are also endless as well.

So, the truth can be only of three types: contingent, temporary and changeable.

Religious people count their dogmata the truth. But can any religion be the truth? There are thousands of religions. They contradict each other, and science very often denies them, that`s why religions cannot be considered even as a contingent truth. Political beliefs also more or less disagree. Therefore, we will say the same about them. Philosophical meditations have created worldviews. Due to many disputes over these philosophical meditations, they are perceived as personal opinions. Some philosophers used only accurate scientific knowledge for their conclusions, but their conclusions are beneath a contingent truth, since they aren`t mutually agreed. Finally, every individual understands the truth in his/her own way. Many people, many truths. What kind of truth is it!

However, we must decide what is a contingent truth for us. Philosophers, sages and scientists, of course, contribute to the distribution of knowledge about the universe and therefore, improve people`s idea about a contingent truth.

A contingent truth can be earth, folk, city, volost, rural, village, family and personal.

The human being acquires personal truth in different ways and considers it to be the best one, the most faithful and the fairest. On the average, this is the lowest kind of a contingent truth. It changes with an age and a human cognition.”

Information search of the search engine is based on the array of information it has systematized, and represents the thoughts of the human beings` PERSONALITIES that are fixed on various information carriers on the Internet.

It turns out that search engines dig for information only in the array of PERSONAL information of the human beings, which is initially subjective, i.e. it has nothing to do with such notion as TRUE!

What relevance (correspondence) of the ‘request-response’ system we are talking about?

What is the criterion for search engine`s determination 100% relevance of the response?

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People took the first step in the development of teleportation technology for human beings, which will be able to transport them over all distances

The Californian scientist from the Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI) company managed to take the first step towards creation of a real system, which can teleport biological objects over all distances. While they managed to create and successfully test this mechanism that can only recreate a DNA of any organism, following the appropriate instructions. The founder of SGI is a worldwide famous John Craig Venter.

As a result of many experiments, specialists managed to invent a viable influenza virus. It is worth noting that humankind have recreated the virus in laboratory conditions before, but it was the first time to do this automatically, using a special machine. The researchers from Synthetic Genomics Inc. call their invention as “digital biological transducer”.

The main element of this mechanism is a DNA printer BioXP 3200. After receiving digital instructions, the printer starts to “gather” DNA molecules from ready-made chemicals.

The “transducer” is just a prototype now, it was tested at a small distance. But in the future, as experts say, using a similar mechanism, it will be possible to transfer biological information to any distance …

From a philosophical point of view, almost any high-quality 3D printer is a potential teleport mechanism for non-biological objects. But a completely different technology is necessary for the teleportation of biological object. And all these attempts are the first steps towards creation of such technology.

There is only one way to completely realize this project under the conditional “Teleportation of a human being” name – when creators (developers) of this mechanism will understand the general structure of a human being and his place in the Universe. Only then ones will not just transport human beings bodies there from the surface of our planet, using spacecraft, but will create people on any planets of the Universe…


It seems to me that I read about this technology before… I remember… Bible describes it…

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