A fresh approach on the issue of hallucinations and appearance of hallucinosis

HALLUCINATION (from new Latin hallucinatio, Latin. alucinatio — ravings, dreams) is a virtual image, which has no analogy in the World of a human being BODY. It appears in consciousness of the human being PERSONALITY for whatever reason.

The modern scientists defined the reasons of hallucinations appearance, (Jean-Étienne Dominique Esquirol was the first who introduced this term in 1817) including exhaustion, excessive drinking, consumption of some psychoactive substances and if having some mental and neurological diseases.

But that is not quite the case. The reasons for hallucinations appearance are numerous, some of them I described below for the first time.

HALLUCINOSIS or HALLUCINATORY SYNDROME is a process when one has an abundant welling of hallucinations.

For instance:

  • Acute hallucinosis is a complex of unexpected time-limited hallucinations. The duration, as a rule, lasts from 1 minute to 2-4 weeks. The main reasons of its appearance are exhaustion, short-time consumption of alcohol and soft drugs, short-time breathing-in of nicotine (smoking) or other vaporizations of different chemical substances, also strong impressions you gain when enjoying any art objects, reading books, watching films or performances, listening to music, etc.
  • Chronic hallucinosis represents hallucinations of a long continuance. The duration can last up to several years. The reason of its appearance is stronger than during acute hallucinosis impressions you gain from a constant (addictive):
    • abuse of hard drugs (“drug dependency”), constant and abundant alcohol consumption (“alcohol dependence”, “blue devils”);
    • medications or other substances taking (nonnarcotic ones) and breathing-in of   vaporization from household and industrial chemicals (“toxicomania”);
    • blind and unconditional adherence to principles, especially in religious, national and political fields; excessive devotedness to any ideas, beliefs or views, usually combined with fanatic bigotry to other people`s views and beliefs (“fanaticism”);
    • music listening (“melomania”);
    • watching a variety of different films or performances;
    • computer games (“game addiction”, “ludomania”, “compulsive gambling”);
    • overnutrition that leads to overweight;
    • overwhelming desire to buy something with no need for, just for the hell of it (“oniomania”, “shopping addiction”);
    • reading books (articles) of different content;
    • etc.

But for some reason it is believed that a constant alcohol drinking is very harmful, and to be a fanatic isn`t so harmful, actually. But take a closer look at people on the street and it turns out to be that they suffer from an acute hallucinosis because of a short-time consumption of alcohol on birthdays and holidays, while the representatives of various religious sects who often represent a rabid fanaticism, suffer from a chronic hallucinosis. It should be noted that in the first case people don`t require any treatment, and in the second case, a treatment is already useless.

The humankind comes down to such level of development when scientists are paid much more less than artists who play the role of them in the films or theatres and less than people at the broadcasting end. This is a new disease under the conventional “virtual chronic hallucinosis” name…

That’s why I’ll do my best to answer two simple questions:

Question №1: Why it`s considered that drugs, alcohol and various other chemicals consumption is much more dangerous for people health than reading tendency articles in the newspapers and magazines, than watching horror movies, listening to inharmonious melodies, etc.?

The answer is quite obvious. Drugs and alcohol can destroy the BODY of a human being and this is noticeable to most people. And articles in media, horror films, appearance of fanaticism, etc. can influence the PERSONALITIES of human beings, that’s why their impact on many observers are practically unnoticeable.

Question №2: What is hallucinogen, actually?

HALLUCINOGENS are a class of objects, processes or phenomena, the influence of which on some one produces hallucinations.

The difference between ACUTE and CHRONIC HALLUCINOSIS is in the volume and duration of one`s use of hallucinogens that have impact on hallucinations` duration.

Broadly speaking, ADDICTION is one`s obsessive need for a certain activity.

ADDICTION SYNDROME is a complex of physiological, behavioral and intellectual phenomena during which an addictive activity is in the first place among human values.

My readers may not believe it. But my researches show this particular result.

As example: “The fake plot about atrocities of the ‘Ukrainian junta’ spread by the Russian ‘First Channel’ on July 12, 2014, where some Galina Pyshnyak, a native citizen of Western Ukraine, mother and wife of the ‘militiaman’ from Slavyansk city told a terrible story: “They took a three years child, a little boy in panties and a T-shirt, and nailed him like Jesus to the billboard… And then they took unconscious mom, tied she to the tank and held three circles around the square. And that square is a kilometer length.” There were no evidences, but this information caused a storm of indignation in Russia. Only in December, during the press conference of Vladimir Putin, Ksenia Sobchak asked why no one ever apologized for the fake plot. A master Irada Zeynalova reported on the air of the ‘First Channel’ that the journalists really did not and do not have any proofs of the plot of this story. However, there were no apologies.”

The fake plot caused hallucinosis among millions of Russians, forming the virtual images of ‘fascists’ and ‘junta’ that bear no relationship to the real events of those days in Slavyansk city. To get at least a similar effect by soldering the population, it would be necessary to use ‘plentiful vodka’ … and the result would be even worse …

Books, films, performances, articles and news in the media, radio, television, computer games, music, etc. can be the reasons of both acute and chronic hallucinosis, i.e. it`s time to introduce a new term – “virtual hallucinogens” that were initially intended to affect the PERSONALITIES of human beings.

© 2017, Helen Zhoglo, translation into English


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