MIRACLES — objects, processes or phenomena that contradict an individual`s perception of his World

Recently, my opponent claimed in one of our discussions: “Show me some miracle to prove your point of view and then I believe in everything you write in your blog.”

I pointed at his body and said without hesitation: “This is the very same miracle. Without knowledge of the principles of the body functioning, a man and a woman create a new human being in a matter of minutes.” He replied: “No, it isn`t a miracle, people are simply in the dark about this subject.”

I recollected one anecdote that I heard in my student days:

“The conflict between a student of political college and a priest:

  • There are no miracles in the World!
  • Last summer our bell ringer fell off a bell tower and was kept alive. It is the mighty work of God, isn`t it?
  • No, it`s just an accident.
  • This winter he fell off a bell tower again. And again, he was kept alive. It`s a real miracle, isn`t it?
  • It`s a mere

A priest`s wife run up to them and screamed: “Your holiness, our bell ringer fell off a bell tower…”

  • What of it?
  • Alive, alive, piteous …
  • God, we beheld your miracle!
  • No, your holiness, it`s already a habit!”


I`d like to find answers to lots of questions:

  • What is MIRACLE?
  • Is it possible to classify MIRACLES?
  • If MIRACLES exist in reality, are they incredible for all people or only for some of them?
  • etc.

So, let`s start from the definition.


MIRACLE is some object, process or phenomenon, which contradicts an individual`s perception of his World. Initially, this individual considers it as violation of the laws of nature (science) he is aware of. When one realizes the principles of a MIRACLE functioning, it automatically becomes for him a typical object, process or phenomenon.

MIRACLES — the plural number of a noun MIRACLE.

MIRACLE WORKER (MIRACLE MONGER) is an individual with ability to make MIRACLES for other participants of a cognitive process. What is more, their MIRACLES aren`t unusual things for them.

It appears that MIRACLES don`t contradict a nature but our perceptions of it. Thus, a scientific community attempts to search and to study miracles that leads to acceleration of a technologic progress of the humankind.

The MIRACLES can be different, they always exist in our life: scientific, technical, technological, medical miracles, seven wonders of the world, etc.

The modern technical facilities allow people to manifest “invisible” objects, processes and phenomena of “our” World. The examples of such facilities are ultrasound, X-ray, fluorography, tomography, etc. These devices work in wider ranges of the different physical quantities and we can manifest more and more miracles in our everyday life by using them.

Try to answer a question like could the following actions be considered as MIRACLES 100 years ago:

  • sex determination of a future child long before a birth;
  • examination of any internal organs without integrity damage of the body skin;
  • replacing parts of the body with artificial organs;
  • reliable determination of a fatherhood according DNA;
  • etc.

The author thinks that 100 years ago people could consider such a doctor to be a real miracle worker (miracle monger).

One and the same object, process, phenomenon can be a miracle for one person, while for another one it is just an ordinary object, process, phenomenon.

It turns out that it`s rather difficult to prove someone the existence of “miracles”.

It makes no sense.

Because all our perceptions are subjective.


Tricks are also “miracles”, since they contradict perceptions of the laws of nature of most audience in “our” World. As a result, people don`t understand all these tricks.

Enjoy unbelievable tricks.

© 2017, Helen Zhoglo, translation into English





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