Whether or not our children are our relatives?

It’s very curious question… hardly understandable… very similar to ravings of a madman… it leaves wrong-footed … arouses the curiosity …

“It is an heretic that makes the fire, Not she which burns in’t.”

Let’s begin with the terminology.

BLOOD RELATIONSHIP is relation between individuals on the basis of their common ancestry.

RELATIVES are individuals related to each other.

In order to clarify this situation, we change a little bit the question in the title of this post and try to answer it:

“Whether or not the material bodies of children are the relatives of the material bodies of their parents?” Yes, they are!

What is the question, actually?

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on…”
William Shakespeare


While giving consideration to people, we are obliged to perceive them as individuals, i.e. as complex objects, each of which has the unique material Body and the unique field Personality. Yes, it’s a very simplified approach, but it will allow my readers to take a completely different look at the human beings.

One may state that all the family ties of people are two separate and independent lines:

  • Family ties due to the material Body;
  • Family ties due to the field “Self”.

Every reader understands family ties due to the material Body, since they are connected with parents, grandparents, etc. As a rule, these connections determine the appearance of a child’s body, the color of his eyes, the shape of the parts of his body, hereditary diseases …

Very few people understand family ties due to “Ourselves” that have incarnated into our material bodies. We manifest these “Selves” as the Personalities. There are other deeper family ties …

So, it turns out that

  • The material bodies of children are based on information about the parents’ material bodies and, accordingly, the physical characteristics of the newly born children bodies are tightly related to the physical characteristics of the material bodies of their parents.
  • “The Self” incarnates into the child’s material body, which we manifest as the human being Personality. But it isn’t connected with the material bodies of the parents (sexual partners who conceived a child).

That’s why many readers have noticed that in any families, the similarity of the bodies of children with the bodies of their parents is much more significant than the similarity of their non-material characteristics … characters, potentials, inclinations, etc.

So, back to the question in our title …

Whether or not our children are our relatives? More correct answers are as follows:

  • Yes, they are, if a person asking this question, associates the “children” concept with his material body only.
  • No, they aren’t, if a person asking this question, associates the “children” concept with his “Self” only.


A man and a woman create child without knowledge of the functioning of a human being body, his brain and consciousness capacity…
Do not have a sense of grandeur about yourself and remember: your child is a soul trusted to you for a temporary care taking.”
Yuri Larichev (Russian Cyrillic: Юрий Ларичев)
“Slavic Veda. The Hermetic Philosophy in a Comprehensible Format. The Gospel for Myself.”


Actually, this topic is more complicated.

I hope my readers aren’t confused by the fact that many personal computers with the same hardware and the same versions of one and the same operating system being installed have nothing to do with the operations their users perform, using these devices.

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women, merely Players;
They have their Exits and their Entrances,
And one man in his time playes many parts,..”
William Shakespeare (1599 или 1600)

© 2018, Helen Zhoglo, translation into English

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