Philosophy of INCARNATION. Part #5. INCARNATION procedure. A Human Being and his “Self”

Thus, we take on writing of the long-awaited article that is devoted to the analysis of the most evasive part of a human being — his “Self”. Readers may conceive the information of this article like fantastic one. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for readers to follow the offered by the author materials in a strict sequence: from Part #1 to Part #5. It is all for a better understanding of this article information. It is with this sequence the author’s thoughts will be clear for readers and they could develop the full picture of the INCARNATION procedure.

The presented in the article materials give qualified radio engineers possibility to revise the author’s hypothesis and to confirm its veracity.

All information below is personal opinion of the author, i.e. point of view of the author’s PERSONALITY…

The author wrote more simply for readers better understanding of the information presented. He used all the terms in accordance with the notions that were mentioned in “The New Cosmic Philosophy” book series.

So, let’s get started.

The author published infographics of the installation process in his “Computer system and its ‘Self’” article. Any IT specialist says for sure that everything depicted there is “functional”, i.e. the part of depicted information is already “turned into reality” or can be “turned into reality” as soon as possible. Let’s try to transform a little bit this diagram by changing some of the devices for the new ones. In this case, the general view of the infographics and the general idea of the ENCARNATION procedure remain the same. Why it is so, the reader will find out at the end of the article.

And here is what we have:


The used in diagram terms:

INDIVIDUUM is the conventional name of a human being who has individuality, i.e. unique BODY and unique PERSONALITY. (The analogue is a computer that has unique hardware and software, i.e. with the installed and customized operating system).

PEOPLE is the ancient name of human-like creatures’ population. It is based on humans’ identification due to “dense” corporeal bodies that were similar to the “dense” corporeal bodies of the modern human beings. (The analogues are computers or computing devices the hardware interface identifies).

A HUMAN BEING is an object consisting of the flesh of a human being, the flesh of the main embodied object and of a lot conventionally “visible” and “invisible” bodies of the objects (entities, creatures, organisms, biospheres…) that have chosen a body of a human being for their inhabiting. (The analogue is a certain computer or computing device consisting of a set of “visible” hardware modules, of a set of “visible” installed applications, a lot of “invisible” operating systems and installed specialized programs).

THE BODY OF A HUMAN BEING is the conventional name of an object. Its task is to be a living place for its “Self” that is the ENTITY of a human being. This entity will penetrate into this “Self” upon terms of the main embodiment.  (The analogue is the computer hardware).

ENTITY is a subjective characteristic of an object whose body is based on a matted form differing from known to us matter that can cognize the World (in the broadest sense) by perceiving it. (The analogue is the selfdeveloping computer program)

THE ENTITY of a human being is the conventional name of an object with non-corporeal body. It can embody into corporeal body of a human being with the right to full control of it. (The analogue is the operating system for installation on a certain computer or computing device.)

The “Self” of a human being is the synonym to the ENTITY of a human being. (The analogue is the operating system for installation on a certain computer or computing device)

PERSONALITY of a human being is person’s realization of the ENTITY existence that embodied into the body of a human creature upon terms of the basic embodiment; a person can “see” or feel it in the form of socially important, stable aspects of a human being (aptitudes, characters, temperaments, experiences, knowledge, attainments, etc.). (The analogue is the user’s realization of computer’s “compatibility options” that is result of the installation and operation of its operating system)

COSMIC DATA STORAGE (COSMIC MEDIA) is the external MEMORY of all “Selves” and, as a result, of all the PERSONALITIES of human beings. (The analogue iscloud data storageorcloud”)

LIFE CYCLE is a period of time from the moment a person decided to create an object and until the object does things on his own. (The analogue iswarranty period of computer usage”)

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that such terms as data processing machine, main memory, system administrators, operating system and biocomputers human being uses as understandable for readers ANALOGIES, but not as SYNONYMS of the objects under consideration.


A human being as self-developing “bio-robot-biocomputer” which is built on the basis of artificial intelligence of a high complexity level

We propose you to consider the activity of a human being as the functioning of the most complicated “bio-robot-biocomputer” that is based on “programmable matter” and consisting of a number of components, the main of them are listed below:

  • BODIES of human beings (“hardware components” of “bio-robots-biocomputers”) are material objects of artificial intelligence of a high complexity level. The certain CREATOR (AUTHOR) developed them. These objects can cognize (perceive) the World (in the broadest sense) by its understanding (perception); They are constantly evolving (share accumulated experience from generation to generation through DNA) and thereby they are constantly adapting to the changing conditions of their environment that ensures them stable functioning during their life cycle; the main purpose is to ensure a high-quality loading of the “Self” of a human being and interaction with it during the entire life cycle;
  • The “Selves” of human beings (“program components” of “bio-robots-biocomputers”, “operating systems”, ENTITIES of human beings) are immaterial objects of artificial intelligence of a high complexity level that were created by a certain DEVELOPER (CREATOR); these objects can cognize (perceive) the World (in the broadest sense) by its understanding (perception); they are automatically incarnated (installed) in the BODY of human beings on terms of the main incarnation and are incarnated by men in the form of PERSONALITIES of human beings; the main purpose is to create CONSCIOUSNESS (systematized and generalized information), as a result of the cognitive process;
  • PERSONALITIES of human beings are manifested by persons “functional capabilities” of the incarnated (established) “operating systems” (“Selves” of human beings, entities of human beings);
  • BRAIN of a human being is processor and operating storage of “biocomputer”;
  • COSMIC DATA STORAGE is the permanent (main) memory of human beings that is similar to “biocomputers”; the place of all “Selves” storage (ENTITIES of human beings) and, as a result, of all the human beings’ PERSONALITIES.
  • CONSCIOUSNESS of the modern mankind is all accumulated and systematized information by the Personalities of human beings during their life cycles. It stores in the cosmic data storage;


 «I discovered a sphere of mind, which includes with the etheric shell of the Earth.
And soon you will be able to personally read your poems to Homer, and I will discuss my discoveries with Archimedes himself.”
Nikola Tesla
“Herold Tribune” interview
, 1934


If a human being functions as a “bio-robot””— a “biocomputer”, so, who is the user (operator) of a human Creature?

The answer is clear … Just like with computer systems, the biocomputer user is his Creator (Developer). CREATOR (DEVELOPER) is a person who creates (develops) an object.

So, everything, as it may seem rather fantastic, looks like this:

Copyright © 2006, Eugene Prodayko, “Game”



People got acquainted with COMPUTER SINGULARITY long time ago, they are self-developing “biocomputers” creating by “Our” Creator on the basis of artificial intelligence algorithms of a high complexity level.

Why is the term “our” quoted? Because the Creator is not quite “our” … These are we altogether “his” …

CREATOR (DEVELOPER) is a person creating (developing) objects  from “matter”. Many ants create (develop) complex anthills … Many people create (develop) new devices, technologies, instruments … Creators (Developers) of higher hierarchies create human beings … There are so many Creators (Developers) in the Universe… The main Creators (Developers) difference from each other is place in the hierarchy of the Universe and nothing more …

INCARNATION is one of the main Universe processes. The interaction of any objects is directly related to the INCARNATION process (procedure).

The body of bacterium incarnates in the body of a human being … The body of a human being embodies in the house he built … The body of a building embodies in the body of the planet Earth …. if we are talking about the embodiment of the material objects’ bodies in the bodies of the same material objects …

The body of a television program embodies in the body of a TV set … The body of a human “Self” embodies in the body of a human being … if we are talking about the embodiment of immaterial objects’ bodies in the bodies of material objects …

The body of cosmic ray embodies in the solar emission … The Sun’s radiation body embodies in the body of the “Self” of a human being … if it is a matter of the incarnation of immaterial objects bodies into the bodies of the same immaterial objects …

In more detail the theory of immaterial objects’ bodies and the principles of their interaction with bodies of material objects will be considered in the Volume  XXIV “Space and Time” and in the Volume XXXII “Information and Energy ” of  “The New Cosmic Philosophy” series, the publication of which is expected to be soon.


Where does humanity go?

If the HUMANITY is able to achieve the goals set by CREATOR (DEVELOPER), it is allowed to evolve further. If not, one object (tool) is replaced with another (the experiment stops and a new one begins …).

 “Someone tends the flock that is Humanity. Who is our immediate shepherd? Whom should we say “thank you” for our happy childhood? Do not you like cosmic subordination? Do you wait for highly developed guests, but on equal terms? And where and when was a man on equal terms even with his own kind? Of course, it is easier to accept the possibility of separate contacts as the coming, as well as the leaving one. Bow even to the secret “residencies”. But it is too much to think of the world control and power system! Who then we are – with our parliaments and kings, with ZhEKs, cosmodromes and jury courts?

Do not be deceived by the fact that they are not visible. Did many citizens have possibility to see their rulers before TV invention? But no one doubted their dignified existence! There were rescripts, regulations, laws from the noble people, governors and voivodes were nominated and booted out.

The coachman is far away, but the reins are here! But where are the Teachers of the mankind? Where are you, invisible and wise Keepers? Au-y!!! There is no one. Sometimes, some connection appears. And if you give a pull on it, it will break with the most cutting sound …

 “These are unknown intelligent forces,” said Tsiolkovsky carefully.”

Olga and Sergey Buzinovskie


Interpretation of the used in the article terms:

POINT OF VIEW is thought a certain person forms during COGITATIVE process in a certain period of time. This person uses a particular body as a tool for demonstration (perception).

COMPUTER SINGULARITY is a time period when a person begins self-improvement without physical assistance.


© 2017, Helen Zhoglo, translation into English

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