Volume XIII – «Souls»

“The more appropriate definition of the word soul: mental capacity of a living organism, which depends on the brain and the nervous system functioning. That’s why the soul is mortal, since a form of the brain is destroyed after death. The soul is ever-changing, because the brain also changes with age because of illness, impressions, etc. The souls of different beings are infinitely diverse. On the contrary, spirit is one and the same, but its life depends on the being it temporary inhabits. The soul consists of many spirits, which after its death will scatter in all possible directions. In the Universe there is nothing but spirits, that is, atoms, but their play with each other leads to creation of life and souls.”

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Ethnics or Natural Basis of Morality



1. The brief analysis of the word SOUL

1.1. The interpretation of the word SOUL in religious teachings and ancient traditions
1.2. The word SOUL in folk wisdom
1.3. The definition of the word SOUL in Edgar Cayce’s Readings
1.4. The definition of the word SOUL in the works of K. E. Tsiolkovsky
1.6. The interpretation of SOUL in modern scientific worldview


2.1. The human SOUL
2.2. Birth of the human BODY
2.3. The incarnation of the ENTITY of a human being into the human BODY
2.4. Excarnation of the ENTITY of a human being form the human BODY
2.5. How does the human SOUL “look like”?
2.6. Why is creation of the HUMAN BEING called as CO-CREATION?
2.7. Can the SOUL of a human being be weighted?
2.8. When does a human being die?

3. The search for answers to interesting questions

3.1. Can a pregnancy be terminated?
3.2. What can be the object’s identifier for an individual?
3.3. Can the human beings become IMMORTAL?
3.4. CRYONICS – is it a way to IMMORTALITY of a human being?
3.5. Is the human SOUL “mortal”?
3.6. Can the human SOUL be measured?
3.7. Can SOUL be put into something?
3.8. Can the SOUL “be put” over and over again?

4. “THE BRAIN EXERCISE”. The questions for my readers
5. Authors – Mykola Krasnostup & Co



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