Volume X – “Creatures”


“There is no substance without ability to take the form of an animal. Actually, an atom is the primitive creature. Therefore, the whole Universe is alive and there is nothing except life in it. But its degree or sensitivity is infinitely diverse and depends on the combination of the constituent atoms.

 There is no absolute death or indifference. Contingent death is the simplification of absolute life, and contingent birth is the loss of life simplicity.”

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Synopsis of the Cosmic Philosophy


“The humanlike and more perfect creatures are most likely to influence us. If we don`t feel such an influence now, it could appear any day. There is no denying that numerous planets of the Universe are full of them.”

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Unknown Reasoning Forces


“… we are surrounded by numerous living beings, each of them is “bodiless” in relation to all the subsequent and is grossly material in relation to all the previous ones …”

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Other More Dispersed Matter, Other Worlds, Other Creatures
Scientific Ethnics


“If on the Earth, there are creatures with different degree of perfection, then creatures of the Universe should also differ by such a degree.”

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Ethnics or Natural Basis of Morality
(1902- 1903)


“I want to stress that infinities of the past times reveal before us many worlds made up of more and more dispersed, more and more elastic substances (it is noticed that mass reduction of the particles leads to increase of their forward speed and elasticity. As a result, the complication of matter leads to elasticity decrease, the decomposition of matter leads to elasticity increase). I think that our matter will continue to evolve. In the future, it will create the worlds consisting of more and more complex, more and more massive particles. The future generations of conscious beings will also take them for the indivisible atoms. But they will be mistaken as we are now.

What will ensue from this? The reader asks what will be next. The beings have created these bygone epochs and achieved such a level of perfection as the modern creatures do. Every dispersed world contained “its own” solid, liquid and gaseous substances, from which (very subtle matter) the reasonable beings were created. There were and will be lots of similar epochs. Our epoch is one of all existing, the epoch of reasonable earth-like creatures.

What is the result? Our imagination allows us to see the numerous epochs in the past and in the future with certain beings living there. What are they, are they connected with each other, do they show themselves in some way, and do they disappear with the incoming of a new epoch?”

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

The Living Beings in Space Environment



1. Will be biological knowledge of benefit to us? 5

2.1. A CREATURE is subjective concept 7
2.2. A primitive creature 11
2.3. The identification of creatures 12
2.4. Other Matter – other CREATURES 13
2.5. Wandering of matter within the lifetime of one CREATURE 21
2.6. The hierarchy of CREATURES 24

3. A simplified classification of CREATURES 28

3.1. according to the human body 28

3.1.1. PEOPLE 28
3.1.2. UNPEOPLE 28

3.2. according to the body composition 29

3.2.1. A CREATURE 30
3.2.2. THE ENTITY 31

3.3. according to location of the residence in the Universe 31

3.3.1. EARTHERS 31

3.4. according to location of the residence in the World (in the broadest sense of this word) 38


3.5. according to the body “visibility” 39

3.5.1. THE VISIBLE 39

3.6. according to the laws of the body functioning 40

3.6.1. according to the laws of classical physics 40
3.6.2. according to the laws of quantum mechanics 41

3.7. according to species 43
3.8. according to duration of the evolutionary development 44

3.8.1. more or less or comparable to the evolutionary period of the human beings 45
3.8.2. “imaginary” Gods 45
3.8.3. “real” Gods 47

4. DO OTHER creatures interfere in our life? 48
5. The hypotheses on THE ORIGIN of creatures (according to K. E. Tsiolkovsky) 50



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