Volume XVI – «Communication»



Do not gain knowledge only to thine undoing. Remember Adam.”

 “Do not obtain that which ye cannot make constructive in thine own experience and in the experience of those whom ye contact day by day.”

 “In the studies, then, know WHERE ye are going. To gain knowledge merely for thine own satisfaction is a thing, a condition, an experience to be commended, if it does not produce in thine experience a feeling or a manner of expression that you are better than another on account of thy knowledge. This becomes self-evident that it would become then a stumblingblock, unless ye know what ye will do with thy knowledge.”

 “If ye do NOT know whither ye go, ye had better leave it alone!”

Edgar Cayce

 “Readings” (5753-2)

  • Is it possible to communicate with “a machine”?
  • Can “a machine” be INTERLOCUTOR?
  • Is it possible to communicate with “invisible” creatures?
  • Is it possible to communicate with Gods?
  • What creatures people aren’t able to communicate with and why?
  • What are the cases of involving beings-mediators in communication?
  • What is CONCEPTUAL THINKING? Who uses it?
  • What is “the common language” during communication?
  • Who are “real” Gods?
  • Who are “imaginary” Gods?



2. “The common language” is the basis of any type of communication

2.1. “The common language” for exchanging of PUBLIC and NON-PUBLIC information


3.1. Beings and entities without ability to interact with the human beings
3.2. Beings and entities with partial ability to interact with the human beings
3.3. Beings and entities with ability to control the human beings in full measure
3.4. Beings and entities that are fully controlled by the human beings
3.5. Beings and entities. Interaction through other beings-mediators
3.6. The graphic presentation of the possible variants of interaction …
3.7. OTHER REASON. What do you personally want to know about it?

4. The communication technologies

4.1. Communication between the human beings
4.2. Communication between the human beings and earthlings-nonhumans
4.3. Communication between the human beings and divine creatures and entities

4.3.1. Gods can be different
4.3.2. Our Thoughts – Gods’ Abode
4.3.3. PRAYER is a kind of the technology for conveying messages to divine creatures and entities
4.3.4. Full interaction between the human beings and divine creatures and entities….
4.3.5. Communication with other entities according to Edgar Cayce



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