Yuri Larichev January 30, 4:16 p.m.


Look. Try to remember burning problems from childhood and youth. How many tears, nerves, how many tragedies, how many passions there was. How much strength and health is ruined.

For what? “God, what nonsense I cared about. There are no others, and they are farther.” I don’t remember my own able. It’s all erased and forgotten,” you say.

It will be the same with today. “Everything will pass. That’s going to pass.” So gradually the whole life goes away, dissolving in the fog.

So what’s the bottom line? What did you live for? What’s the point? And is it there?

He was growing what was always the soul. I’ll drop the earth, I’ll take it heavenly. All my experience will remain with me. “Nothing on Earth passes without a trace.”

Then the next turn of the wheel. I’ll dive over and start over. But it won’t be me anymore.

And in general, “I” is such an illusory thing that everyone is concerned about. It has to be overcome.



The nature of biological and informational viruses is the same

“The nature of biological and informational viruses is the same

“The nature of biological and informational viruses is the same.
Any thought is a virus.
Maintain social distance.
Stay away from morons.”
Yuri Larichev

“The virus is bad news wrapped in protein.”
(Virus discoverer D. Ivanovsky)


I totally agree that the virus is news, i.e. such information that is new to the recipient.

But with the fact that this is bad news, I fundamentally disagree.

The news may look different for different recipients only …

Therefore, categorizing the news as “good” or “bad” depends solely on the point of view of the recipient …

A biological virus is a technology, the use of which allows the Creator of the virus to introduce (embody, materialize) his ideas into the substances of specific Fleshes (Bodies), for changing the algorithm of functioning of which he was created.

A informational virus is a technology, the use of which allows the Creator of the virus to introduce (materialize) his ideas in the consciousness of specific Souls (Personalities), for changing the algorithm of functioning of which he was created.



Philosophical background for creating “Global biological immune systems”

The world’s largest companies have focused on creating a so-called “Global biological immune system”; they are investing billions of US dollars into the works in this area. The desire to create such a system did not arise from nowhere – it was caused by the spreading of SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) coronavirus across the planet, which led to the global COVID-19 pandemic (COVID-19  is an abbreviation that stands for COronaVIrus Disease 2019).

The very possibility of creating any kind of “biological immune systems” directly depends on how the ideas of modern researchers about the functioning of creatures correspond to reality and what tools are used to achieve the goals.

I am sure that the creation of a quality “biological immune system” of a person is fundamentally impossible today since the tools available or being developed will not allow anyone to achieve this goal. All tools, either available or under development, information about which I could find on the net has certain drawbacks, namely:

  • It is built on the basis of matter, i.e. based on chemical elements, which are described in detail in the current version of the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table;

  • It is intended exclusively for dealing with substance, i.e. with biological bodies.

This toolkit is not sufficient to create a full-fledged “biological immune system” for any biological body or group of biological bodies.

There is an urgent need to develop, in addition to the existing tools, completely new ones, which meet the following criteria:

  • They will be built on non-material elements (on the elements of the corresponding consciousnesses);

  • They will be designed to operate at the level of biological bodies’ “operating systems”.

Only when the two above-mentioned types of tools are developed, a real possibility of creating a “global biological immune system” will emerge…


Any computer system can be represented as a hardware and software complex, intended for processing information. It consists of:

  • The hardware part;

  • The operating system, which is designed to manage the hardware and to organize its interaction with Users.

To fix a computer system in case of a failure, the User should have tools of two different types. The first one will be used for repairing hardware, and the second one – for restoring the operating system, as well as the complex of programs interconnected with it.

  • The first type includes a toolkit for recovering the hardware of a computing system: screwdrivers, soldering irons, spare parts, measuring devices, etc. These tools are built on the basis of substance;

  • A toolkit for recovering the operating system of a computing system includes software products, source codes of the operating system, compilers, etc… These tools are based on the substance, which differs from the one we know….

The only use of both types of tools can help to restore the proper functioning of the system. No professional in the world c restoring n fix computer systems using only one kind of tools!

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Otherworldly view on “our” nature. Users

Let’s contemplate the thought experiment:

Three different families bought the same type of a TV. These identical TVs were sold in one and the same store and produced at the same enterprise… But the first family constantly watch the news broadcasts, the second family prefers various TV series, and the third one is a fond of sports programs. There is nothing to be surprised about. Why? Because in every family there is a primary User of the device purchased (a TV set in this case) and exactly this person determines its usage policy. As a rule, this TV was bought to satisfy the wishes of this particular User…

 The same situation is with all other devices…

 In fact, the term “device” always denotes some object (device, mechanism, construction, installation …) human beings have created for their own needs to perform strictly defined functions (personal computer, mobile phone, TV, radio, refrigerator, air conditioner, cookstove, car…)


For example, a personal computer (PC). Computers are called “personal” just because they are used by certain “persons”, i.e. “Users”. As a rule, each personal computer has one user. Each user is free to use his personal computer in his own discretion: to play computer games, to develop any innovative facilities, to constantly surf the social networks, etc.

 What is an obvious conclusion we can arrive at after the results of this thought experiment?

Using a lot of identical devices, will never help different people to create the same information, since it is called “personal information” for a reason, that is, Users (“persons”) create it as well as possess it. And each user produces his own “personal information”, using the certain devices he prefers.

The same situation is with people…

Despite the similar functionality of the human bodies as well as the possibility to duplicate (clone, copy) their genetically identical material bodies, they all have and will always possess different memory, different consciousness, different character, different knowledge, different experience… Why is it so? One of the possible variants is that various people just have various Users.

The material body just provides “own” User with the opportunity to cognize “our” World and perform certain actions in it. It is he (“our” User) who feels anxious, thinks, dwells on something, enjoys… And each reader can guess what is the name of “his” User — it’s your Personality.

There are good reasons why such terms as a person that denotes the integrity of a human being (from the Latin persona) and a personality denoting social and psychological aspects of a human being (from the Latin personalitas) have the same deep root persona.